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General Price List

the Prices below are effective as of the current date and are subject to change without notice.
services to be paid at the time arrangements are made
Right of Selections.  
We provide the following plans to our clientele providing for MOST ECONOMICAL RATE to meet your needs for direct cremation service, immediate burial, or traditional services.  The goods and services shown below.  You may choose only items you desire, however, any funeral arrangements you select will include for our basic services and overhead.  If legal or other requires mean you must buy any items you did not specifically ask for, we will explain the reason in writing on the statement we provide describing the funeral goods and services you selected.   
Prior to drafting any contract for goods or service, the responsible party or the deceased survivor who is handling the funeral arrangement in the possession or the funeral establishment that has been signed and paid for, in full or part, by or on behalf of the decedent.
BASIC SERVICES FEE of Funeral Director and staff .... $1,000.00  FD1396  
That fee for our basic services and overhead services fee charged for our 24-hour a day service.  Arrangements services, Preparation, securing legal documents; and will be added to the total cost of the funeral arrangements you select.  This fee is already included in our charges for direct cremations, immediate burial and forwarding and receiving remains.
FD1396      FDR 2176      Emb. 6822

A Special package for direct cremation service

  • 24-hour a day service
  • Arrangements service to meet your needs
  • LOCAL transportation of remains.  An additional fee may be applicable, for example: Additional personnel for home death call. 
  • Regardelss DAY or NIGHT without additional fee. 
  • Use of Cold holding facility
  • Preparation; securing legal documents.
  • Local filing fee to health department. 
  • Utility cremation carton with tax.
  • crematory cremation fee and CA assessment fee. 
  • Durable holding container for cremated remains. 
  • One certified copy of death certificate. 
The MINIMUM BASE RATE is giving the cremated remains back to family to hold at home or whatever other arrangements you have made.  It does NOT include any viewing of remains, funeral services, or charges incurred by Coroner's offices or other mortuary fees.  Nor does it include any other than Nova Durable container, nor disposal charges.


EMBALMING.  Except in certain cases, embalming is NOT required by law.  Embalming may be necessary, however, if you select funeral with viewing , additional charges will be added.  If you do not want embalming, you usually have the right to choose arrangements that does not require you to pay for it, such as direct cremation or immediate burial.  Refrigeration requires at an additional charge should you elect not to allow the temporary preservation and disinfection of remains.

Service prior  to CREMATION

INCLUDES 24-HOUR A DAY FULL SERVICE.  Arrangement services, Local transportation of remains, Use of cold holding and preparation facility.  Includes [regular] embalming, bathing body, setting features, cosmetics and dressing of remains with clothes provided by you.  Preparation and securing legal documents, local filing fee to health department.  Insert for our Oak casket rental.  One certified copy of Death certificate.  Viewing and funeral service.  After service, cremation.  Cremated remains are placed into a polished copper clad urn......$4,185.00    ~OR~  instead,  GO TO SEA........$4,400.00

Immediate Burial

INCLUDES 24-HOUR A DAY LIMITED  SERVICE. Arrangement services, Local transportation of remains, Use of cold holding and preparation facility. Preparation and securing legal documents, local filing fee to health department. A minimum casket plus sales tax.  Transfer to Local cemetery.  One certified copy of Death certificate.  This does NOT include embalming, viewing for services.  Does NOT include any cemetery charges .     $1,256.35
UPgrade to embalm, dress, view [only] service.   .  $2,450.00   Does NOT include any cemetery charges.


A) SHIPMENT of Cremated Remain will be sent to you or Cemetery, as per instructions, through U.S. Postal Service (May vary by urn weight and distance) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 65.00 & Up
B) DISSEMINATION CHARGES  Service from registered Cremated Remains Disposer OR by Funeral Director.  Locations:  Three miles OFF San Francisco Golden Gate bridge,  Monterey, Santa Cruz, Carmel, Fort Bragg,  over Lake Tahoe, Reno, Sierra NV.  State parks:  Mt Tamalpais, Mt. Diablo, Jackson State Redwood Forest near Ft. Bragg,  Or Big Sur . . . . . . $ 350.00


EMBALMING [regular] for temporary preservation for viewing remains for funeral service with remains present.$ 500.00, Bathing the body and setting features, cosmetics, and dressing of remains with clothing provided by you. $ 200.00, BRIEF ID VIEWING. $100.00  UPGRADE TO LIMITED. VIEWING ROOM FOR 2 HOURS $200.00 OR 4 HOURS IN CHAPEL FOR $400.00 


  • SPECIAL HANDLING for decomposed  OR extreme obesity        .         .         .   $75.00
  • Local in town transportation of remains within 15 miles. Published rates, addtional at $3.00 each per rate [ See below]... $400.00
  • Additional personnel for Home Death Call ... $100.00
  • Use of facilities for for additional time for 2nd Hr. (Per hr. minimum... $ 100.00
  • Use of  facilities for brief for ID Remains, per two persons... $ 75.00
  • Use of COLD Holding Facility, Beyond requiries, per each day... $ 25.00
  • Use of service vehicle: Misc. errands or Flower transport (local)...$ 75.00
  • Director minimum Graveside service, Hearse (local) ...$ 250.00 
  • Director and staff for Funeral Service (Your Church, home, or place of service, includes local set and transport of remains.)...$500.00
  • Forwarding of remains to Another Funeral Home ...$800.00
  • Receiving of remains from Another Funeral Home... $500.00
Chapel Rental

Can provide  FRESNO FUNERAL CHAPEL that can seat about 120 people for either a Traditional OR Memorial Service.

Rate 4 hours . . . . $600.00 [Minimum]

CASKETS for traditional services OR traditional earth burials.
  1.  CASKET price list  A complete price list will be provided at the funeral home.  Caskets range in price from $600.00 to $3,200.00.  For a variety of caskets available.
  2.  CASKET RENTAL  NOVA Cremation Service offers to funeral services[For cremation only]. The actual shells of 2 Oak caskets.  The insert is a new  crematable carton with the Interior.  A Rustic Finish Hinge Panel for $600.00 or a Polished Light Perfection Cut for $700.00
  3.  TRAY  for shipment of air (Casket additional), OR may be needed for extreme obese remains for CREMATION useage . . . . . . . . . . . . .   $225.00 ALTERNATIVE CONTAINERS If you want to arrange a direct cremation, you can use an alternative container.  Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of material like fiberboard or composition materials with covering.  The containers we provide are corrugated cardboard and we call it 'Our utility cremation carton'.  This fee is already included in our charges for direct cremation.
  4.  URNS  When holding the cremated remains at home or cemetery, some type of container or urn could be used.
  5. Additional Items
    1.   MEMORIAL REGISTAR BOOK                                                              
    2. Simple Signature Book  $6.00    
    3. Deluxe signature book  $35.00        
    4. Memorial programs: Basic Pre-printed Front  $10 set-up + $0.25 each  Custom Printed $20 set-up + $0.50 to $1.00 each            
    5. Acknowledgment cards (box of 25) . . .$7.50          
    6. Crucifix $15.00 each

Certified Copy of Death Certificate.  In addition to the one certified quote with Minimum Base Rate fee.  You may order more at this time.  (NOTE: Social Security Administration may want to see the certified copy, However, they will return it to you.  A copy when needed for Veterans Administration will be ordered without fee.  #_____ of Certified copies ar $21.00 each = _____
Change, Refiling or additional disposition permits :    $12.00 each 
CORONERS OFFICE CHANGES  Currently most Coroners Offices charge for Supplies used, removal and storage of the remains.  The Coroners Office may use other mortuary facilities or their own.  Regardless to whom the charges are payable to, This cost is up and beyond any NOVA charges.
Currently Fresno and Madera Counties charge $100.00.  Most other counties charge more, some significantly more(up to $500 and more).
The survivor of the deceased who is handling Funeral arrangements, or the responsible party, is entitled of receiving a copy of any agreement that has been signed and paid for in full or in part by or on behalf of the deceased and that is in possession of the funeral establishment.
TRANSPORTATION.  NOVA Cremation Service is providing for additional charges to outlined areas.  A second transportation fee may be applicable depending on circumstances

Atascadero $240.00

Atwater $115.00

Auberry $80.00

Avenal $170.00

Bakersfield $200.00

Bass Lake $105.00

Caruthers . . . included Coalinga $185.00

Coarsegold 85.00

Corcoran $110.00

Del Rey . . . included Dinuba $70.00*

Dos Palos $115.00

Dunlap $95.00**

Exeter $160.00

Firebaugh $85.00

Fivepoints $75.00

Fowler included

Gilroy $200.00

GUSTINE [SJVN Cemtery] $150.00

Hanford $85.00

Hollister $185.00

Jackson $295.00

Kerman . . . included Kingsburg $60.00

Lemoore $85.00

Lindsay $160.00

Los Angeles $450.00

Madera $65.00
Mariposa $170.00
Merced $105.00
Modesto $220.00

Morro Bay $315.00

Newman $175.00
North Fork $90.00

Oakhurst $95.00
Orange Cove $70.00
Orosi $80.00

Parlier $55.00
Paso Robles $220.00
Pismo Beach $315.00
Porterville $170.00

Reedley $65.00
Riverdale $65.00
Riverside $600.00

Sacramento $375.00
Salinas $270.00
Sanger $50.00*
San Francisco $425.00
San Jose $350.00
San Luis Obispo $285.00
Santa Cruz $300.00
Santa Maria $325.00
Selma Included
Squaw Valley $95.00**
Stockton $250.00

Taft $250.00
Three Rocks $175.00
Tulare $130.00
Visalia $130.00

**Rural Dunlap & **Rural Squaw Valley
Add'l, depending on mileage